24 Dec 2016

Christmas Eve - Black Point Settlement

We have spent the past few days relaxing in different anchorages, and getting to know some more sailors better. The past two days we have been in Black Point Settlement, the last bastion of the real Bahamas and have been joined here by several Canadians and the odd american boat. We are the token Brits in the anchorage but hey ho! We have been to happy hour on shore the past two evenings, the rum punches are lethal here and last night they were not taking any prisoners! There was a party on and the drinks and music were full on, with loads of the locals there enjoying the scene. On the way back to the boat, I dropped the kill cord for the outboard in the water at the dinghy dock, stripped off and went in to retrieve it. Fortunately the water was neither too deep, nor were there any predators nearby and I was able to find it quickly, climbed back aboard and motored back to Tumi sodden.

Today has been a baking day, we have been invited to dinner on board a catamaran tonight and we are doing the hors doeuvres so we are making savoury scones and baking bread rolls, my bread making skills seem to be coming on in leaps and bounds.

Tomorrow we and most of the other boaters are gathering at 4:30pm for drinks and christmas dinner at 6pm on shore at Lorraines, apparently last year's spread was really good so we are going to give it a try.

The christmas winds are here too, and we let out an extra 10 metres of anchor chain just to be sure we would hold. There's plenty of room in the anchorage so it wasn't an issue to any of the other boats.

Anyway, that's all for now, a very Merry Christmas to all our readers!