6 Jun 2015

10/5/2015 Norfolk, Virginia

We’re enjoying Norfolk very much.  The private marina we’re based in is in the centre of the old part of the city, an area of tree-lined, cobbled streets and big houses, most of which have a history dating back to Civil War days.  It really is very attractive.  Couple that with a modern “downtown” then there is a lot to see and do.

USS Wisconsin is moored within a mile and is open as a museum so we took ourselves along there to have a good look around.  She was built in 1941 as a battleship and has seen action in WWII, Korea and Desert Storm and is vast: 887 feet long; 108 feet wide (to fit through the Panama Canal which is 110 ft wide); weights 58000 tons fully laden and has a draft of 37 feet.  In the days of WWII, 2800 crew were on board in very cramped condition ... it makes the accommodation on Tumi see positively luxurious.  It was fascinating to get an insight into what was effectively a city at see with doctor, dentist, chapel, lawyer, PR department etc etc.  It wouldn’t have been a life for me though.

Yesterday we took the ferry across the Elizabeth River to the neighbouring city of Portsmouth. This had a very different feel to it and whilst we had a look around we didn’t spend much time there and returned to Norfolk.

Whilst it’s not as warm as the Bahamas/ Florida etc at night time the day time temperatures are still well into the 80s so very pleasant.  Today we’re off to visit the Chrysler Museum and Fort Norfolk and will then probably have seen all the sights Norfolk has to offer.  We’ve saved a “treat” for tomorrow: We’re going to the movies, the first time in over 9 months!