15 Nov 2014

[Cruise News] Marina Lanzarote, the day before departure

We've had a busy week but are largely ready for departure, apart from a couple of little jobs that we've left to do today.  Andy, our crewman, arrived on Thursday afternoon as did friends from Northern Ireland who have come to wave us off.  We all enjoyed a cocktail party at a neighbouring marina that evening and chatted to a number of the other Atlantic Odyssey participants.

Yesterday we hired a car to tour the north end of the island, quite different scenically from the south .... more gentle somehow.  Anyway we got some lovely views of turquoise waters and neighbouring islands and had a lovely day.

Today is about final preparations before the farewell drinks and fireworks this evening at Arrecife Yacht Club.  And then tomorrow at 11am we'll be heading off.  I'm looking forward to the trip, if a little apprehensive, but Tumi is a solid boat and we should have a good crossing.  Caribbean here we come!