1 Oct 2014

[Captains Blog] Lanzarote

We arrived here on the morning of the 28th September, having a slow trip down from Cascais (Lisbon) with no wind at all. Honestly, we just can't seem to hit the weather right on this trip - it is either blowing a gale with the wind from the wrong direction or there is no wind at all. This was the case on our last leg and we had to motorsail nearly all the way. However, it helps us to know that the engine is sound, we have measured our fuel consumption at different engine speeds and we have a much better idea of our fuel payloads range under engine. All positive stuff.

One thing that I really enjoy on night passage is watching the dyno-flaggellants sparkling and fluorescing in the water as we go. It really fascinates me and I can sit and watch them for hours. All those pulses of energy around the boat as we make waves are amazing to say the least, and occasionally I would see a jellyfish in among the sparkles, glowing bright as a recognizable semi-solid form in among the haze of individual specks.

On our last day before arriving in Lanzarote I heard a whale spout behind me. Turning around, I saw it had surfaced literally 10 metres behind us, very large, very serene, and completely unphased by the fact that we were there. It continued with its grazing along the continental shelf for several minutes before our continuing journey took it out of sight. I had only commented to Debra that there had been a complete lack of sea life only hours before this appearance, and then it was like London buses, we had dolphins galore come to see us too. Obviously there are rich food pickings where the sea bed rises steeply and the big mammals take full advantage.

We are returning to the UK today as my mother died yesterday morning. We might not be returning to the Canaries before we leave on the Atlantic Odyssey in time to explore the islands which will be a shame. The two times we have been in the Canaries, sadly, one of our parents have died and we have therefore not been able to make the most of the boat's time here. Once again we will have to wait until another time to visit the different anchorages that are on offer and explore the land. That's a shame. but family has to come first.