21 May 2013

[Cruise News] Horta Marina

We've enjoyed a lazy few days here in Horta, exploring a bit of the town but mainly relaxing - Paul was weary after his crossing.  Two fellow British ARC sailors who we got very friendly with in Bermuda and left Bermuda 3 days after Paul did (and I have kept in email contact with throughout their passage to the Azores) arrived on Saturday evening.  They did the crossing in half a day less than Jay Jay but their boat (Persephone) is a racing yacht so I think Paul et al did very well.  They had to be towed the last 40 miles because their engine failed but fortunately another yacht was close by and came to their rescue.

We offered to prepare dinner for them on their arrival day and spent a great evening together, hitting the various flavoured rums we have on board after midnight.  They returned the favour last night but we did forgo the rum!  We're all off to Pico Island on the ferry today as it's a festival day and has been recommended to us.

Georgina, our crew member, arrived yesterday and seems very excited and enthusiastic about the trip.  It will be great to have a third pair of hands and eyes on board for the crossing - around 1500 miles so 12 days or more at sea.  Looking at the forecasts, it should be reasonable providing we head due north for the first couple of days ... but we know how (in)accurate the forecasts can be so the exact route will no doubt develop as we progress.  At least we have plenty of food and water on board so should be fine in that regard.