15 Apr 2013

[Cruise News] Monument Beach, George Town, Great Exuma

We returned to George Town on Wednesday just in time to honour an invitation to dinner we'd made to some British friends, David & Lizzie, who we met at Bog Major Spot a week or so ago.  So at 6pm we sailed into the harbour and by 7.30pm we had dinner ready and spent a very pleasant evening.

We were discussing our lack of crew for the trip back from the Azores and asked whether or not they knew of anyone who might be interested.  They mentioned a friend of their daughter's who is saving up to do the RYA fast-trak Ocean YachtMaster course and said they would contact the family to see if it was of interest.  Well I'm pleased to report that Georgina is hopefully to join us and seems to be very excited at the prospect, viewing it as a great opportunity to get a head start on her sailing training.  We're delighted to be having someone along who is bound to be enthusiastic and keen to learn - always a good start and we're more than happy to pass on our experience on the journey.  So all in all, a win win!

David and Lizzie also introduced to the delights of coconut rum, served simply over ice.  Well we're now converts and have bought our own bottle ... apparently also nice added to pan-fried dishes .... lobster, shrimp etc etc.  We're looking forward to practising.

One thing Paul has wanted to see whilst we've been in the Bahamas is a "blue hole": Basically a very deep spot of water surrounded by shallows, so we went on the hunt of one yesterday in the dinghy.  We found the one we were looking for and were a bit disappointed we couldn't see the bottom ..... no idea how deep it was, just a dark blue circle of ocean in a shallow turquoise sea.  It would have been good if we'd had a depth guage fitted, but in the absence of one and the depth not being declared on a chart, then it will have to remain a mystery. 

We now have less than two weeks left in the Caribbean, 6 days of which are needed to sail across to Bermuda.  The weather forecast is looking favourable for this coming week and so we plan to head off on Tuesday across to either Cat Island (I'd like to visit Father Jerome's monastery which, being on top of a hill at 206ft, is the highest point in the whole of the Bahamas.  It's supposedly an intriguing and unusual place to visit) or Conception Island, just to the south of Cat Island, a nature reserve but further south and so would give us a better bearing for the passage to Bermuda.

We treated ourselves to dinner out last night and sat on a verandah overlooking the water and watching the sun set ... all very beautiful.  It's hard to believe I'll be home again in 12 days .... is it a good idea given the British summers of recent years?!!

Tonight, our last evening in George Town, we plan to go to a local bar which has a "Rake and Scrape" band on a Monday evening ... the local style of music and something we should experience before we leave. 

We've very much enjoyed our time in the Bahamas and were lucky enough to spend an evening with Becky and Joe who we met in Boqueron, Puerto Rico.  It was lovely to see them again and we hope we'll all keep in touch in the future.