10 Oct 2012

[Captains Blog] Lagos, Portugal (not Ghana)

Ever heard the story of the man who drowned in a bowl of muesli? He got pulled under by a strong current. Well, we have been harnessing these strong currents all the way down here to the Algarve. In the past few days, we have been riding the Portugal current at an average rate of 1.2 knots all the way down the west coasts of Spain and Portugal. From here down to the Canaries, we tap into the Canary Current which typically runs at 1-1.5 knots all the way to Gran Canaria. Hopefully with the following winds of 15-20 knots, we will make the passage in 4 days. Time will tell. We have been a bit pressurised to keep going because of our return flights to the UK on the 18th October, whereas our new-found friends have been cruising at a much slower pace and have had time to explore their ports at a leisurely pace. C'est la vie. Maybe another time, another place, we can take life at an easier pace. We have made some good friends already on this trip though.

We have been bereft of dolphin company in the past few days, but this morning, coming into Lagos, we were accompanied by a pod of 10-15 dolphins all showing off under the Jay Jay's bow. Really good to see them back and enjoying themselves. Perhaps they do sleep after all, and come out to playall refreshed and lively in the dawn.