26 Sept 2011

[Captains Blog] Bayona, NorthWest Coast of Spain

We arrived in Bayona a few hours ahead of schedule early this morning with the mist hanging over the sea. We were expecting to be later as we had been beating into the wind and swell all the way across the top of Spain from La Coruna, but as we rounded the corner to turn south, the wind eased a bit and eventually swung round to the SSE which enabled us to come in for the last part of the journey on the route I had planned. Whilst on watch I had the most surreal experience: At night time there are sea creatures that give of phosphorescent glows when disturbed in the water, and usually it is most noticeable in the propeller wake. Off to starboard as I was on the helm I saw a stream of phosphorescence which tracked along side the boat. After a few seconds three dolphins popped out of the water, still streaming and with their bodies aglow. Sadly it was only a fleeting glimpse, but very special nonetheless. I had only been talking about such sights earlier in the evening, and amazingly had the opportunity to see it for myself. I also saw a couple of meteorites burning up and disintegrating in the skies overhead - free fireworks but without the bangs.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings - back to the journey. We had a rapid turn around in Bayona, took on two new crew, renewed the gas cylinder which was empty (not easy to do on a Spanish bank holiday) had a shower to freshen up, and off we headed. We are now steadily moving offshore so that we are more than 50 miles out, where we will stay for the next several hundred miles until we reach the mouth of the Med. A new watch system has been drawn up, and I am on at 6:30 till 9:00, then from 2am till 5am. A case of snatching some sleep now to gird my loins for duty. Signing off for a nap....