5 May 2011

[Cruise News] Admiral's Inn, English Harbour, Antigua

Well Pandora is now out of the water and we're back on dry land after 26 weeks afloat.  It was rather sad watching her being hauled out on the back of a giant trailer that had been submerged into the sea and into which Paul manouevred seemlessly, feeling very much like the end of our sailing adventure for now.  So now she's chocked up in the air and access is via a ladder that must be at least 12 feet long .... it feels very high and rather daunting.  Fall off now, and no soft landing in the sea so we'd better be sure-footed.  The next 6 months will see her fully serviced and repaired ready for the next sailing season.

We've had an incredible time out here and have learned an awful lot about ourselves, sailing and the perfect boat.  There have been tough times and challenges to face but we've made it through better sailors and fit and healthy.  We've enjoyed the company of an international mix of people and have loved being part of the sailing community.  But we've also been touched by and appreciated the regular contact from friends at home and the positive response to the blog.  

And we can't close off without a big thank you to my parents, our friends and employees who enabled us to embark on this adventure in the first place, shouldering the burden of Easton Court in our absence and sending us on our way with a clear concscience to let us live our dream.

So thanks to everyone for their interest, support and good wishes and we look forward to catching up with you all in the weeks to come.

And finally, from First Mate Debra (Dominique to a certain crew member) it's "Pandora Out" for the last time this season.