1 Mar 2016

1/3/2016 : Goodbye Georgetown

We had a good sail down to Georgetown on Thursday, especially the half outside the island chain when the wind got up and we averaged over 7 knots.  Despite that we still arrived at dusk and as we motored towards the anchorage were greeted by myriad anchor lights, several hundred so pretty busy to say the least.  We were sensible with it being dark by now and anchored away from the other boats but nearly 3 miles from town which with a leaking dinghy wasn't ideal!  It's nice to be back.

Jon and Hannah arrived on Saturday night, delayed once again by local airlines .... they don't have much luck on that front ... ready for two weeks exploring the Exumas.  The weather hasn't completely played ball their first two days with Sunday being sunny but rather windy and yesterday a bit overcast until mid-afternoon but it's not stopped us getting out and about.  We hired a car yesterday and drive down to neighbouring Little Exuma and, after an excellent lunch at a local restaurant, to Tropic of Cancer beach,  so named (you've guessed it ) because the Tropic of Cancer runs through it.  Whilst Paul, J & H strolled along the beach, I enjoyed forty winks in the sunshine!

Today we're sailing north back to Big Major Spot, a 60 mile sail which we had planned to do over two days later this week but the weather has dictated otherwise.  After today we have 5 days of next to no wind which will hopefully also be accompanied by clear blue skies.  Nothing wrong with dreaming .......