3 Mar 2016

3/3/2016 : Barbecued iguana anyone?

With a little bit more wind this morning we decided to continue our journey north and decided to sail on the Atlantic side of the cays in the hope we would a catch another fish.  Imagine our excitement when a huge Mahi Mahi hooked on the line and Jon started to reel it in.  Quite what happened we don't know but it leapt out of the water, giving us a fantastic  view of it, only to fall off the line and be lost to us.  It really dampened our mood.  Sadly we didn't get another bite so arrived at Bitter Guana Cay for a BBQ with only a nice fillet of Mahi the couple from last night had caught and given to us.

We'd hoped to BBQ last night on our sand bar at dusk but low water didn't come soon enough.  We saved all the food we'd prepared for lunchtime today and headed over to a deserted beach on Bitter Guana Cay to enjoy it, which we duly did under the watchful eye of an half dozen residents .... iguanas who were very interested in what we were up to!