3 Mar 2016

2/3/2016 : Paradise on earth

We had a slow old sail up from Georgetown yesterday in lighter winds than forecast and consequently didn't make our planned for destination.  The highlight of the trip was catching a Bigeye tuna .... All 4 lb or so of him!  It was an exciting moment hauling it on board and then Paul and Jon swiftly despatched it whilst Hannah acted as official photographer.  I was conspicuous by my absence!

We anchored overnight at Galliot Cay and had delicious seared tuna and also sashimi  making for a memorable meal.  We woke up this morning with a view to sailing on but spied a sand bar in the distance which was exposed being low water.  We decided to investigate and are all so glad we did .... It was our little piece of paradise.

We managed to get Tumi to within a mile of the bar and then headed off in the dinghy across the beautiful shallow waters to  be the first people that day to walk on the sand.  It was truly stunning and the colours were incredible.  Some hour and a half later the sand was rapidly disappearing as the waters rose and we beat a retreat back to Tumi.

With no breath of breeze we decided to stay put for the day and the peace and quiet was complete, that is until another yacht invaded our haven!  They motored over to say hello and  came back later for sundowners, a lot of fun.  All in all the perfect day.