11 Mar 2016

11/3/2016 : New Providence Island, Bahamas

We're all feeling a little glum today, Jon and Hannah because they're flying home tonight and Paul & me because we've got to head north now to Florida to ready Tumi to be left for the hurricane season.   We can't believe the time has passed so quickly but we have to get back to the UK to oversee our conversion project.

We had a good sail over from Shroud Cay yesterday after spending our final night in the Exumas there on Wednesday.  Shroud has large mangroves to explore in the dinghy and so that's what we did, pumping it up three times during the excursion .... the slow leak is certainly speeding up!  We also built our own cairn, a permanent reminder of our visit given we never got to Boo Boo Hill on Warderick Wells to place the piece of driftwood with all of our names on it.

New Providence island, home of Nassau, has a bit of a bad reputation for safety so we've never visited it before but that is where the international airport is so here we are.  We were lucky enough to be told about a retired sailor with a private dock alongside his home and so we're moored up there.  It's on the quieter side of the island but there's not much in the vicinity so we're killing time a bit today. We did venture out for lunch at the one neighbourhood beach bar. The view was good ..... we'll leave it at that!

Tomorrow morning Paul & I will leave for Florida.  We had hoped to spend a couple of days in the Berrys again on the way through but there's a good weather window over the next few days before the winds die so we're going to be sensible and go when the conditions allow.  Our next entry will be from the US in a few days time so it's goodbye from the Bahamas for now.