19 Feb 2016

18/2/2016 : Haircut madam? Staniel Cay, Exuma National Park

After 48 hours riding out yet more high winds tucked behind Highbourne Cay, Tuesday saw us tacking south to Shroud Cay in the Exuma National Park. It was a beautiful day with winds from the south so very warm and for the first time in nearly a year the bikini came out!

Shroud Cay is home to a vast mangrove which we explored in the dinghy. Surprsingly we didn't see much wildlfe but it was a great afternoon.

That evening we were invited for cocktails on a neighbouring boat and ended up staying for dinner!  The Canadian couple who's boat it was were nearing the end of their 3 year trip around the Caribbean and had some interesting tales to tell.

We sailed on down (slowly!) to Warderick Wells and picked up a mooring ball for the night.  We'd been without Internet connection for over 36 hours but had been told there was a chance of a weak signal if we climbed Boo Boo Hill so off we went and true enough were able to pick up and reply to our emails, whilst being bitten to death by sand flies!

Whilst we'd have liked to stay at Warderick another couple of nights we were sensible and headed down to Big Majors Spot next to Staniel Cay and a Bahamas Telecom mast .... Internet on board once again!  As it turned out we picked a good day to arrive as the mail boat had been and the small grocery store had just taken delivery of fresh produce.

It's lovely to be back at Staniel Cay and Big Majors Spot, home of the swimming pigs. The colour of the water is the most incredible turquoise and the natural beauty of the area beyond compare .... truly stunning.

We'll be here a few days as yet another front is blowing through .... we're beginning to wonder if they'll ever stop!

This afternoon was hair cut time.  With the lack of an hairdresser ashore, Paul got out his scissors once again and I bravely let him set to on my crowning glory.

He actually did a pretty decent job.  I then returned the favour with his clippers giving him a number 5 all over .... A good sailing hairstyle if ever I saw one.