11 Feb 2016

10/2/2016 : On our way to the Bahamas

We're about 20 miles off the coast of Key Largo en route to the Berry Islands in the Bahamas.  After having watched the weather forecast for the last few days it looked like a decent window to make a passage to the east, initially,  and the north east with north westerlies at between 15 and 20 knots.  Typically within 6 hours of setting out the wind veered to the north east ... great!

Fortunately for us, 4 hours later it did back to the north west so we're in business again but not making as much progress as we'd hoped .... I think we'll be arriving after dark tomorrow. It's a 250 mile trip but with the help of decent winds and the Gulf Stream we had hoped to make it in 36 hours but are start this morning was delayed dealing with emails from home which needed to be answered.  Sailing just offshore today has meant our wifi hub has continued to work which has been very useful ... As soon as we get to the Bahamas we plan on buying a Bahama Telco sim card so we can continue to have comms access.

I'm now an hour through my 8pm to 11pm watch whilst Paul tries to get some sleep. We've just passed a big motor boat heading for Key West and there are quite a few fishing boats about so I need to keep alert.  We'll be crossing the Gulf Stream before dawn .. hope it is reasonably calm .... and will be sailing across the beautiful Bahama bank tomorrow daytime, admiring the turquoise waters which will only between 3 and 5 metres deep .... watching out for coral heads!

All for now, next report from the Berry Islands on Friday all being well!