28 Feb 2017

28/2/2017: Jolly Harbour, Antigua

We've just waved off our third set of guests after a fun 10 days circumnavigating Antigua and are now looking forward to a bit of peace and quiet.  We toured the island yesterday (my aunt and uncles last day) visiting the restored ruins of a sugar plantation (Betty's Hope), a blow hole called Devil's Bridge, a drive through the rain forest and a lovely lunch overlooking north sound at the top end of the island.

We also had our photo taken at Morris Bay, all having Morris as surname at some point in our lives!

Unfortunately Paul tweaked his back and is laid up today forcing me to be in charge of ferrying my aunt and uncle ashore in the dinghy.  Yikes, I've never been in charge of the dinghy before!  All went well, although I got soaked as it is a breezy day.  We finally saw a dolphin as we entered the marina so they went home happy!

We'll rest up here a few days now to let Paul's back recover and get the laundry and re-provisioning done.