23 Feb 2017

23/2/2017: Nonsuch Bay, Antigua

We've got our third set of guests on board at the moment, Debra's aunt and uncle (Janet and Philip) who have never been to the Caribbean before, nor on a yacht, so it's all a big adventure for them!  So far they seem to be loving it, enjoying the warmth and sunshine after wet and cold old England, and loving the colour of the water.  Janet even gave snorkeling a go yesterday.

On the subject of which (snorkeling that is) Paul spied a big spiny lobster on our outing yesterday and tried to grab him out of his hole for our dinner last night, to make our steak BBQ a surf and turf affair.  Unfortunately and unbeknown to him, there was a big sea urchin just inside the hole and so he ended up with no lobster but two urchin spines in his finger.  Not nice.  Fortunately there doesn't appear to be any infection and hopefully the poultice we've applied will draw out the spines.

Weather conditions are pretty benign this week, perfect for our novice sailors.  After a lazy day today exploring the bay by dinghy, we'll sail up to Barbuda tomorrow to take a tour of the frigate bird colony.  We're hoping it doesn't tip it down with rain this time!