11 Feb 2017

11/2/2017 : Les Saintes, Guadeloupe

It's just so lovely here, picture perfect, great restaurants, warm and sunny .... feel like I never want to leave!

We visited one of the three forts yesterday, Fort Napolean, which has been restored and is open as a museum ... very interesting.  The other two, Josephine and Caroline, are both in ruins but between the three of them it gave the French 360° protection for this beautiful place.

Our first few nights here we had to take a mooring in a small bay about a mile from town called Pain du Sucre (sugar loaf) because of the shape of the rock at the entrance.  The water was so incredibly clear that we all dipped in and out on a regular basis and Paul and his son, Jon, enjoyed the snorkeling.  Yesterday we were lucky enough to get a town mooring (we took over one a boat we know was vacating having agreed a time with them to do so) and now have very easy access to town.

I find it amusing how many character traits Paul and Jon share, including both being competitive souls whether playing cards, climbing childrens' activity frames (say no more!) or even washing up .... Hannah and I smile to ourselves every day!

We're working our way through the list of top restaurant recommendations and are dining at "number 2" this evening.  All this drinking and eating is definitely having an impact on our waistlines!

We'll spend a couple more days here before starting the trip back to Antigua via the Jacques Cousteau marine park for Paul and Jon to try out the snorkeling.  Weather conditions don't look too bad for the return sail so hopefully it won't be too bouncy.