20 Jan 2016

20/1/2016 West Palm Beach

We have spent the last 2 days at anchor in Lake Worth doing administrative duties. We haven't set foot on dry land at all - and have had our eyes glued to computer screens nearly the whole time. I did repair a small leak in the dinghy as a temporary measure as the special PVC glue in the repair kit I have has dried up and I need to get some more from a chandler in the next few days. I also managed a couple of maintenance activities but nothing major.

This evening we will set off again and sail non-stop round to Key West - a journey of just over 200 miles which should take us about 30-35 hours depending on winds. Apparently it is race week down there at the moment and all marinas are fully booked so we are in a mooring field (hopefully there will be a free mooring buoy when we get there) and will have to shuttle ashore from there. We are expecting some frisky winds (~30 knots) and rain coming through on Saturday, so we might just hunker down and watch some movies for the day and let it blow itself out.

Given the amount of communication we are having to do to get everything ready to make the changes to Easton Court in April, we have decided to kick Cuba into touch for the moment as there is little or no internet availability there, and there is so much organisation still to be done before the work starts. We will go there in November instead when we are back aboard after the summer lay-up.

We will decide where we go from Key West when we get there - we might scoot up the west coast of Florida a bit, or head to the Dry Tortugas, another 60 odd miles beyond the keys. Either way, from there it will be a relaxed sail across to the Bahamas where we will spend the rest of our time before heading back to Fernandina to haul Tumi out for the summer.