17 Jan 2016

17/1/16 : Back on board

We returned to Tumi yesterday afternoon laden down with enough food to feed an army .... it seemed to take the rest of the day to stow it away.  At least we shouldn't go hungry for a while!

It was a lovely, warm and sunny day but we knew a storm was heading our way and so we decided to stay another couple of nights in the marina to let things calm down again.  And by golly did a storm hit.  We didn't switch on the wind instruments but we reckon it was blowing in excess of 70mph, amazing. We were up two or three times in the night to check on the mooring lines and at 6am, when the wind seemed to rev up to a crescendo, decided we needed to tighten them.  It was lashing down with rain and we were both soaked to the skin within seconds .... surreal really.  Anyway, the worst of it has now passed and we have spent the time today plotting our route south and generally dealing with a lot of administrative things that have been on hold for the last ten days.

So ... tomorrow morning we'll head out and sail down to Palm Beach, hopefully arriving around midnight so we can anchor and get a reasonable night's sleep.  On Tuesday we'll hop down to Fort Lauderdale for a night or two and then sail overnight to Indian Key, the first of the keys we can go to because of our depth limitation.  And by then we're hoping it will be warm and sunny and we can get back into shorts and T-shirts!