16 Jan 2015

[Cruise News] Rodney Bay Marina, St Lucia

We had a super day out yesterday touring the island before dropping Jon & Hannah off at the airport at 5.30pm.  The day kicked off with a tour of St Lucia rum distillery (including a tasting of some very strong rums), lunch overlooking the pitons and then wallowing like hippos in the hot, sulphur springs at the volcano near Soufriere.  The mud bath started with us smearing white volcanic mud / clay all over our bodies (a local tour guide was very happy to help me in the process!) and then decorating ourselves with black mud over the top ... not a pretty sight but supposedly very therapeutic.  We then relaxed in the hot thermal pools prior to showering off the residue.  Interestingly we've noticed a slightly "sour" smell to our skin today and having spoken to other people who've done something similar it can take up to a week to wear off!

On Monday we enjoyed lunch out at Pigeon Island and then walked around the old fort in the afternoon ... an enjoyable day out.  We also were treated to dinner by Jon & Hannah as a belated Christmas present and thank you for having them.  It's a shame the weather has been so windy whilst they've been here but they said they enjoyed their holiday.

So tomorrow we're off to Martinique where we'll spend a few days having the new stainless steel frame and solar panels fitted and then we'll head north towards Les Saintes for the end of the month.