6 Jan 2015

[Cruise News] Mustique, The Grenadines

We've finally made it to Mustique, home of the rich and famous although I have to confess we haven't seen anyone that looks remotely either! The crossing from Bequia yesterday was rough for our crew: large, messy seas and winds gusting up to 45 knots.  We were well reefed down so the sailing was no problem for Paul and me but Hannah and Jon did feel a bit green.

Paul & I have never visited Mustique before, largely because the one bay in which you can pick up a mooring buoy rolls continually.  They charge US$75 for a 1-night stay with the two consecutive nights free of charge and having now experienced just how rolly the bay actually is, we can see why they do it this way rather than saying it is US$25 per night ... no-one can face staying three nights and they'd lose out on revenue!  As it is we're going to stick it two nights as we wanted to see something of the island and it is like paradise ... white sands fringed by palm trees, turquoise seas etc etc.

We walked around to Blue Lagoon bay yesterday after lunch for a quick dip in the sea.  And today we took a taxi to the south eastern corner of the island and walked up the coast to Macaroni Bay, passing Obsidian Bay (black sand) and Pasture Bay en-route.  That side of the island is surprisingly barren with few houses because of the relentless winds but has a wild beauty.

The main bay where we are based is called Brittania Bay and is home to Basil's Bar, a Mustique institution since 1976.  We went in at lunchtime today and left pretty sharpish: It's definitely trading on its name and position as the actual place is rather shabby.  We have had a local restaurant called The View recommended so may give it a try tonight.

Overall, glad we've visited as it is truly lovely but the rolly anchorage is enough to stop me coming again!  Next stop, Tobago Cays.