9 Jan 2015

[Cruise News] Bequia, The Grenadines

We've completed our whistle-stop tour of the Grenadines a day or two earlier than planned, basically to try to make the most of the weather windows for sailing back north to Bequia and then on to St Lucia a couple of days later.  So sadly Union Island had to be dropped but we were able to visit the Tobago Cays, Petit St Vincent and Canouan (really only a lunch stop but pleasant nonetheless).

We did eat at 'The View' on our last night in Mustique, walking up to the locals village to get there and the name was very apt: The view down over the bay was spectacular.  There was no menu just fish (mahi mahi or barracuda with a creole sauce) or chicken with "whatever the chef decides to cook it with".  This turned out to be egg-plant stuffed with something cheesy, coleslaw, "rice and peas" that Caribbean staple, and plantain fritters.  All very yummy but served at room temperature!  Good job is was nearly thirty degrees ....

The sail down to the Tobago Cays was pretty windy with bouncy seas so "the crew" were glad to arrive.  That evening we went to a beach BBQ on the largest of the uninhabited islands .... lobster or tuna and you, guessed it, rice and peas, plantain fritters but potatoes skins stuffed with something cheesy this time.  Actually all tasted lovely but half-way through the meal the heavens opened and a tropical downpour ensued.  Hannah and I retreated under the picnic table with a lantern and our plates whilst Paul & Jon manfully (?) sat it out getting soaked but finishing every last mouthful.

The sail down to Petit St Vincent was (finally) a more gentle one and we anchored off the beach bar in crystal-clear turquoise waters.  Truly idyllic.  We made use of the beach bar that night enjoying a couple of cocktails each before returning to the boat for dinner, cooked by Hannah.  No rice and peas last night!

The sail back to Bequia today was a journey of two halves: a pleasant (if windy) pre-lunch sail to Canouan where we enjoyed a lunch in a sheltered bay in the sunshine.  And then the sail on up to Bequia.  As four years we were overtaken by storm clouds and torrential rain which flattened the surface of the ocean.  Talk about history repeating itself!

And now we're back safely in Bequia.  Hannah is baking foccacia to go with the mushroom and bacon pasta Jon is cooking.  Guests like these two are welcome any time!