21 Jan 2013

[Cruise News] Rodney Bay, St Lucia

I returned to the boat last night after my week of luxury at an hotel on St Lucia with my friends from university day.  We had a fabulous week with lots of laughter, sunshine, champagne, treatments and activities.  The body treatments were quite simply superb and such luxury to enjoy one every day.  I revisited my water ski-ing abilities and found them sadly lacking - getting up was no problem but staying up for more than twenty metres or so proved beyond me!  What a disappointment!!  I also tried archery and yoga for the first time, enjoying the former but not really feeling the latter was really me.  All in all a really great week.

Paul took us all sailing on Thursday, a repeat visit for Ali (who sailed with us two years ago in the Grenadines) but a new experience for Mary which seemed to go down a treat.  Carol was more apprehensive about being afloat again, having suffered badly with sea-sickness on a flotilla holiday many years ago, but managed to avoid a repeat performance and had a good time.

So now I'm back on board Jay Jay and getting organised for a departure to Martinique tomorrow.  Laundry, shopping and catching up with emails has filled the day.  Whilst we've both enjoyed marina life, it does now feel time to slip our moorings and head off.