30 Jan 2013

[Cruise News] Les Saintes, south of Guadeloupe

We never did catch the local bus service from Grande Anse D'Arlet but instead walked across the rocky headland to Petit Anse D'Arlet, another picturesque village and bay.  The walk was a test for my injured toe, but I made it there and back assisted down hills by a very patient Paul!  Finally on Saturday (26th) we sailed north up to the north-west of Martinique, pausing our journey for a few hours in St Pierre, before striking off at 11.30pm for Les Saintes.  Some 12 hours and 80+ miles later we picked up a mooring buoy in this idyllic spot, glad to be back.

The crossing over wasn't without incident: Paul pointed out the moonbow to me and we suffered a force 8 squall, fortunately only lasting about an hour.  Unfortunately as we were reducing the foresail, something jammed and so we had to roll the thing away by hand .... not an easy job on a moving deck in quite high winds.  But, as you have to, we persevered and got it put away.

Les Saintes is the most charming place going .... definitely somewhere I could live.  Very French and relaxed, lovely sunshine and beaches, pretty houses and only a short sail from Guadeloupe.  We've been spending a lovely few days here, visiting Fort Napolean, savouring the atmosphere and enjoying the good food.  A shame we have to leave!