31 Jan 2013

[Cruise News] Jolly Harbour marina, Antigua

I'm loving the season this year - none of the stresses of being on someone else's boat nor the (misguided) sense that we've got to keep moving to explore new islands.  Instead we're taking our time, relaxing and cherry-picking the places we want to revisit.  I think the sense of achievement of sailing across the Atlantic has also made us feel, rightly or wrongly, better sailors and so I am perfectly happy to undertake longer and night passages which is certainly giving us more flexibility.

And so we're back in Jolly Harbour marina, some 21 months after we were last here.  Incredibly we were directed to exactly the same berth we had last time ... a real sense of deja vu.  We had to motor-sail most of the way here in the absence of a functioning foresail and felt very much like the Lee Marvin song "Three Wheels on my Wagon, but I'm still rolling along" as everyone else making the crossing yesterday overtook us!

The first job on arrival, especially given it was so calm, was to take off/down the foresail to try to work out what was wrong with it.  So after a restorative rum cocktail, we set to and got it down very easily.  This morning Paul worked out what the problem was, and having fixed it, we put the sail back on and it furled away beautifully.  Result!  This afternoon sees us getting our first Caribbean haircut of the season and then off to relax by the marina pool.  We've also been invited for drinks on a neighbouring boat this evening - someone we met down in St Lucia, so that should be fun.

So life's pretty damn good .... we're lucky devils to be doing this again.