14 Feb 2011

[Cruise News] Valentine's Day in Admiralty Bay, Bequia

Our stay in Port Louis marina extended to 3 nights in the end because of the very high winds: The Grenada weather forecasters even advised sailors to remain in port so it must have been bad.  Anyway, we managed to get back to sea for the sail to Carriacou on Wednesday and made it up there safely, in winds gusting to 40mph at times once we were on the open water between the two islands but at least the seas were only "moderate" and not "rough" like our sail down to Grenada on the 27th January.

As I've mentioned before our sailing skills have improved during all this windy weather and for the first time in my life I actually seem to have developed some muscles / muscle definition .... quite a novel concept.  So I now have biceps in my upper arms and quads in my upper thighs .... and very brown ones at that!  Helming in the big seas does require quite a lot of upper body strength (hence the biceps) and because Pandora doesn't have a seat from which to helm, our legs have to be continually braced against the heeling of the boat (and hence the quads).  I don't think I've ever been as toned!

So we're back in Bequia to enjoy a couple of days R&R and catch up with some friends before we start the sail up to St Lucia.  And finally it looks as though the winds might be dropping to the levels that we've been waiting for ever since we got here, if the 7-day forecast is to be believed .... just in time for our next set of visitors to arrive a week tomorrow.