1 Feb 2011

[Cruise News] St David's Harbour, Grenada

Well we've been here for 5 days now and, as anyone who knows me will know, I'm not very good at sitting around and doing nothing.  Boredom is the order of the day as we wait for the boat yard to wander along to fix various things.  They really pulled out all the stops on Saturday and got the new push-pit fitted but things have somewhat ground to a halt since then and we're waiting around for them to put in an appearance, not daring to leave Pandora for more than a few minutes in case that's when they turn up.  Sadly the boat-yard is rather isolated and so it's not as though there is anything to do ashore.  Roll on Thursday when we can get out of here (fingers crossed) with the generator back on board and all the metalwork repairs complete.  But I'm not holding my breath ....

Actually it's quite incredible the number of "yachties" that are living on board their boats at the boat yard awaiting repairs - I don't know how they can stand it for the weeks on end they seem to be here.  Fortunately an enterprising local turned up this morning with lots of freshly picked fruit and veg and so at least we've been able to stock up on the good stuff.  Other than that I'm passing my time reading and pottering around and Skyping anyone that comes online - a real lifeline!!  The rum cocktail Paul has just made for me also helps!!!