7 Feb 2011

[Cruise News] Port Louis Marina, St Georges, Grenada

After a glorious (not!) 9 days sitting in St David's Harbour awaiting and having repairs, with only one day off for good behaviour yet providing food for the mosquitoes in the neighbouring mangrove swamp for the full 9 days, we finally escaped it's clutches on Saturday lunch time and sailed along to Prickly Bay ready for the sail north to Carriacou yesterday. 

We duly left Prickly Bay around 9am and sailed up the leeward side of Grenada right up to the north-western tip when, faced with wind, tide and swell against us and with a very obvious bad weather front ahead, we decided to take the easy option and sailed back down to Port Louis marina.  A wise decision as it turned out as last night it rained incessantly and the winds, even in the sheltered marina, were screaming through the rigging.  If we'd been anchored in Carriacou it would have been another sleepless night for me.

As it happens, today is Independence Day in Grenada and so we've decided to stay put for another day to join in the celebrations and enjoy another good night's sleep before we head off again in the morning.  As you will no doubt imagine, Paul & I are both wondering if the weather will ever settle down ... we have kept thinking "next week it will be fine" but next week in this context never comes.

By this time next week, weather permitting, we'll finally leave Grenada /St Vincent and the Grenadines to head north to St Lucia, Martinique, Dominica, Guadeloupe and then Antigua.  Sadly the split of our time out here has been weighed far too heavily towards the southern islands for all the reasons you will be no doubt be aware of and it only leaves us the same amount of time to cover the rest of the Windward Islands and all of the Leeward Islands.  Not a lot we can do about that so we'll just have to make the most of March/April/May.
  Let's hope the weather works with us!