26 Oct 2019

26/10/19: Bayview, Pittwater

We spent a couple of nights at Towlers Lookout and did find somewhere to go ashore to get our daily exercise! There is a defunct public wharf in neighbouring Morning Bay and we were able to tie up the dinghy and climb the woodland trail up to the Morning Bay lookout, a stunning view with Tumi in the background.

Our walk up was a somewhat noisy affair: the sulphur-crested cockatoos were rather agitated, squawking and making a racket. One in particular just alongside the trail itself put on quite a visual display ...

Throw in a couple of kangaroos (wallabies?) and it was a great nature hike.

We're now on a mooring ball deeper into Pittwater bay where we will leave Tumi while we return to the UK. Not a bad spot!

We're hiring a car midweek to drive up into the Blue Mountains, visit a friend at Bondi Beach and then start a leisurely drive north to Brisbane, via winetasting in the Hunter Valley, in readiness for our flight home on 6 November. Packing in things right until the last minute!!

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