25 Jan 2017

25/1/2017 : Gustavia, St Barth's

We motor-sailed over to St Barth's on Sunday night, all taking our turn on watch, to arrive in St Barth's at dawn.  It was a star - lit trip and we had a spectacular sunset and sunrise thrown in.

Virtually everything about Gustavia is lovely, the one negative being the very rolly anchorage which makes sleeping difficult.  We spent Monday ashore,  doing a little bit of shopping, enjoying lunch out and generally soaking up the atmosphere .... all very chic.  All that said the rolly night drove us away yesterday morning to a small bay around the corner and out of the majority of the swell where turtles swim around the boats.   After a walk ashore we had a lazy afternoon on board and then a BBQ in the evening.  All good.

Today we're back in Gustavia to clear out with customs and immigration in readiness for our trip down to Antigua tomorrow.