17 Jan 2017

17/1/17 - Trellis Bay, Tortola

We're enjoying a cold beer having spent the morning readying Tumi for our first guests from home, the start of quite a parade over the next few months. Trellis Bay isn't the most scenic of anchorages but it has the big advantage of being within 200 metres of Tortola airport, ideal for picking up visitors. It also has the advantage of being reasonably sheltered ... the high winds continue and our stop last night at Cooper Island whilst definitely more scenic was exposed and rather rolly.  Neither of us slept particularly well.

The big low which has been impacting all of the BVI for nearly a week is unusual for this time of year.  We were chatting to a local lady about the fact that all the beaches on the north shores are closed and she said she has never known it happen before
  Just shows how rough it has been!

We dinghied over to neighbouring Marina Cay beforehand and admired the lovely view from the sundowners bar .... the BVI really are rather lovely. Throw in the sunshine and warm temperatures, then they take some beating!

So we now start 6 weeks of hosting friends and family on board .... let the fun begin!