26 Feb 2013

[Cruise News] Fajardo, Puerto Rico

After finally being cleared to enter into the United States on Saturday lunchtime, we spent the afternoon at Flamenco beach, considered to be the best in the Spanish Virgin islands (including Puerto Rico).  It's a beautiful crescent of incredibly fine white sand, backed by palm trees and bordered by the most incredible turquoise seas, and is very popular with locals and tourists alike.  At the far end is an old rusty tank which dates back to the days when the US forces used it for bombing practice!

That evening we enjoyed drinks and dinner with a British couple (John and Jane) who were anchored next to us in the bay.  Incredibly John and Paul went to the same boarding school in Blackpool and are only one year apart.  Paul says it's the first time he has met anyone from St Joe's since he left, and that just happened to be on a very small, pretty much unknown island in the Caribbean sea.  A small world indeed.

On Sunday we sailed on to Puerto Rico in time to attend a conference arranged by our good friend and neighbour from Chagford, Ray.  We're sharing a villa together at the El Conquistador Resort with ocean views to die for .... not something we lack on a day to day basis of course!  

Having hired a car, we took ourselves off to San Juan today, into the old town, which is very nice with cobbled streets, colourfully painted buildings, pretty squares and an enormous fortification called Castillo San Cristobal which commands the most incredible views across the Atlantic.  It was started back in the 17th century and is very impressive with huge ramparts, a moat and tunnels used to move soldiers around during battle out of sight from the enemy.   Incredible.   We also had lunch in a small cafe recommended by a local lady and enjoyed a typical local lunch.  Paul's selection (mashed plantain stuffed with shrimp) was an interesting choice but mine was delicious.
We're hoping to visit the rain forest national park and some other sites in the next day or two ... I'll be back online to share our news then.