13 Feb 2013

[Cruise News] The Bight, Norman Island, BVI

Sitting here in the most idyllic bay with clear turquoise waters, sunshine and beautiful scenery, I felt inspired to comment on just how gorgeous the BVI are.  It's four years since we were last here and nothing much has changed but my memory has faded and it is so much better than I remember.  We've sailed over from Soper's Hole this morning in time for a leisurely lunch and afternoon swimming and snorkelling - perfect.

That said our day in Soper's Hole yesterday was just what the doctor ordered .... so easy to just step of the boat onto the dock and have boutiques and a few bars on the doorstep, all painted in pastel colours.  Several people holidaying on Tortola as well as bareboat charter crews stop to ask us if we've won the lottery to be able to be doing this for so many months.  Well, we might not have won the financial lottery but we certainly feel like it on the luck front.

Jon and Hannah go home on Friday and we'll be back on our own again for 10 days or so before we arrive in Puerto Rico.  We plan on enjoying the delights of the BVI for that time, visiting all the islands.  It really is the perfect sailing area and I'm really glad to be back.