28 Nov 2017

27 November 2017 : Still in Prickly Bay

We really must start our journey north to Antigua but are rather loathe to leave Grenada.  Despite the niggles we've had with Tumi, the weather has been perfect and the social side of things first class.  But we must make the break and are heading tomorrow to Carriacou.

The last two days we have been to Grand Anse beach and Umbrellas beach bar for lunch.  The beach has just been included in the top 50 beaches in the world (we've already been to eight of them, including the number 1 in the Turks and Caicos) and our Pacific trip in 2019, including Australia, will take that up to around a half.  Umbrellas is a great place and today, as we were sitting eating, a motor cavalcade pulled up with security men jumping out (all very FBI/CIA in black suits with ear pieces) to escort the Grenadian prime minister into the restaurant.  We weren't really dressed for the occasion!

Grenada is a lovely island, very lush and green, and safe and friendly .... it's no wonder we haven't wanted to leave!  This is probably the first year however when we've not got any great distance to cover and so we can take things much easier.  Our friends have told us we are finally starting to live the cruising life, and it isn't half bad!