24 Sept 2015

23/9/15 : Williamsburg VA

Our trip down on the train from Washington DC whilst delayed was comfortable with free wifi so we spent the time researching places to visit (and to eat!) and the four hours passed very quickly.  After staying in a lovely hotel in DC (read expensive!) we'd decided to economise in Williamsburg and the contrast is marked, but the place is clean and friendly and we're only really sleeping here so it's fine.

Our reason for visiting this area is because of the historical link - Colonial Williamsburg was the first permanent settlement for the Settlers - and it has been preserved as a living museum even though 90 families still live here on a day to day basis.  So lots of colonial clapperboard properties, wide tree-lined streets, lots of people in period dress and small shops selling period-style gifts and taverns serving food from old recipes.  All in all a bit "Stepford Wives" for us but interesting to visit.  We also drove along the Colonial Parkway to Jamestown, the site of the first landing, but didn't bother visiting the reconstructed village / dock.

The highlight of yesterday had to be our meal at a French restaurant called La Yaca which was quite simply superb.  As usual Paul made the better choice .... when will I ever learn ... and his main course was an 11 out of 10 whilst mine was only (!) a 9 out of 10 which would have been exceptional if not in comparison to his!

Up early today to head to the Shenandoah Valley ..... more later ....