30 Dec 2014

[Captains Blog] Bequia

We returned from Tobago Cays yesterday after a two-night stay tucked in tight under the lee of Petit Bateau while most of the other boats were exposed to the winds that were blowing strong out on the reef. We were ideally positioned to be able to see all the comings and goings of the fleet of small craft making their way through the channel to the main anchorage, but missed out on the breeze. The water got a little rolly overnight on the first night, which meant that Debra didn't sleep, so she spent the next day catching up snoozing out in the cockpit. We went for a tour around the anchorage in the dinghy, pulled it up on the strip of sand where the turtle sanctuary is, and I had a snorkel. No turtles, but some huge starfish at least 18 inches across.

The trip back was boisterous, and with the winds and tide against us we were being pushed away from Bequia, which, coupled with the current that was directly on the nose, the last couple of miles were achieved with the engine on. Strangely, a ship was aground in between two islands, and it looked to us as though the skipper had tried to run between them and failed. Any charts would have told him that he was stupid to try. It was a hard lesson for someone to learn, and an expensive one to boot.

Our power management is holding up surprisingly well at the moment, it might have something to do with the constant winds blowing the aerogen round, but since we had the fridge attended to in Le Marin we have been able to turn the control right down to its lowest and the keel cooler is doing the rest. Less power needed means more in the battery bank. When we get the solar panels fitted in January, we should have what energy we need from nature, less usage of the engine/generator and less diesel. The water maker is working well and we run the generator for an hour or two a day to run it in 230v mode to keep the water tanks topped up as well as the batteries.

There are fireworks here in the bay tomorrow night at midnight, should be good! Happy new year everyone!