10 Jun 2014

[Cruise News] Sea Trials commence!

After the disappointment of not sailing on Monday, we were determined to head out Tuesday morning to put Tumi (and us) through our paces.  Paul & I haven't really sailed since we arrived back in the UK last June so it was with a degree of trepidation we headed out.

Manouevring in the marina made us realise the scale of Tumi but Paul handled her beautifully and I scurried around with fenders and lines.  We knew it was forecast to be a gusty day but the full force of the wind didn't hit us until we were out in the Sound: 34 knots (over 40mph) and quite big, choppy seas, but we're experienced sailors and so limited the amount of sail accordingly and headed off across towards Cawsand.The conditions really weren't that pleasant and so we decided to test out the anchor when we got there and stopped for lunch in the lee of the land.  The sun came out and it was lovely.  As soon as we departed however we were back in the high winds and lumpy seas and so didn't hang around for long.  That said, Tumi handled beautifully and felt very solid and well balanced.  All good.

Wednesday morning dawned a much nicer day: Sunshine and light breezes.  We headed off again and the contrast to the day before was amazing.  Full sails out, only two layers of clothing and away we went putting Tumi through her paces.  Despite only 15 knots of wind on average, we were making pushing 7 knots speed over ground so were very pleased with her performance. We made another lunch stop at Cawsand, somewhat rolly with the swell today, but very enjoyable to be out on our boat. 

Another successful return to the marina and we had to head home for a few days, but we'll be back out on the water very soon.