29 Nov 2012

[Captains Blog] Mid-atlantic Day 3

After a couple of days where the seas were somewhat bouncy, things appear to be settling down a bit and the wind has dropped from 30 knot gusts down to less than 20 knots. The crew are settling into something of a routine but Phil hasn't shaken off his mal-de-mer yet. Everything he has eaten has seen the light of day again before long, and although he said he wanted to lose weight on the trip, this isn't exactly the best way to achieve it. However, day 3 usually sees a significant change. Let's hope so. 

We have seen several of the other boats in the ARC around us at various times, we seem to be heading on similar tracks and it is comforting to see lights on the horizon at night. One or two ships have passed within a few miles of us too. 

We are heading more southward now with some west in the passage to make the best of the winds which have shifted around towards the east. When we get down to 20 degrees north or thereabouts, we will turn west. Perhaps that's when the butter melts ...