1 Oct 2011

[Captains Blog] Gibraltar

Had a tiring day today crawling all over the Rock. Started off by taking the cable car up to the top to visit the rellies; there were several Barbary Apes around playing about in and out of pipes, posing for the cameras, trying to steal any food they caught sight of or smelled. Then it was off to St Michael's Cave. Three quarters of a mile away at the farthest south end of the rock. Impressive columns of stalagmites and stalactites (know the difference? Tights come down!) and even an auditorium to capitalise on the accoustics. Undaunted by the distance, I then plodded the next 2 miles or more to the other end of the rock to the siege tunnels, hacked out of the rock by hand by the british soldiers enabling the artillery to be brought to bear unchallenged on the Spanish beseiging army. Enterprising or what? After that, it was a quick sortie to the WWII excavations (big enough to house a garrison of over 16000 men including hospitals, canteens, sleeping and recreation areas as well as mission control) and down the hill to the Moorish castle. Continuing down to sea level took another hour or so and then back to the hotel for a long soak and a siesta.